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DragonBall Z episode 183~Final Round

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Goku fights in the semi-finals of the Other World Tournament against the Dinosaur fighters looking Maraikoh. Available free of charge at each other, but neither you can meet. Pikkon thinks to himself, that Goku lacks focus. Maraikoh finally hits Goku and sends him flying through some meteors, but Goku recovered and flies in the direction Maraikoh, grabs, and a large meteor
preparing to throw it into Goku. Suddenly Goku fires an energy beam that strikes the Meteor into pieces. Maraikoh hides himself, but feels its energy Goku and kicks him hard. Then Goku grabs its tail and throw him out of the ring. Goku is the winner! Pikkon observes Goku, looking forward to fighting him. King Kai insults West Kai because his student lost, but West Kai says he told Maraikoh to throw the fight because he didn't think it was fair for both of the remaining fighters to be his students. King Kai gets mad, and the two argue about whether Goku or Pikkon will win the fight. Then, West Kai makes a bet. If Goku beats Pikkon, he'll give King Kai his planet. King Kai says if Pikkon wins, he'll become West Kai's students. Goku walks towards King Kai, but his stomach suddenly growls. Grand Kai laughs and shows Goku some food that was cooked for him. Pikkon is about to fight his opponent. King Kai wants Goku to watch, but Goku says that he knows who will win.

Meanwhile, East Kai is making her students run laps for losing their fights. Pikkon defeats his opponent, and waits to fight Goku in the Final Round. However, Goku is still eating. King Kai drags him towards the ring. East Kai leaves her students to see the finals. The fight begins. Goku hits Pikkon a few times, but Pikkon doesn't flinch. Goku tells him to block when he uses his real strength, but Pikkon suddenly punches Goku. Goku recovers, and the two start firing a series of blasts at each other. Goku and Pikkon both have energy beams following them. They fly towards each other and go up at the last second, making the beams hit each other and explode. Both fighters land, and there's a struggle. Goku pushes Pikkon towards the edge, but Pikkon taunts Goku and pushes him back a little. Pikkon wonders why he can't push Goku back any farther. Pikkon tries to kick Goku, but Goku dodges it at the last second.

Pikkon tells Goku that he's impressed, then removes his weighted clothing. Goku picks it up and tells Pikkon about Piccolo and how he wears weighted clothes for training too. Goku tosses the clothes aside and powers up to Super Saiyan. The two stand ready to fight each other.

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Dragon Ball Z, often abbreviated as DBZ) is a Japanese animated TV series from Toei Doga (now Toei Animation). Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of Dragon Ball anime, based on the first 16 volumes of a 42 volume Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Z fits the last 26 volumes of the original Manga.

The Dragon Ball Z anime first aired in Japan from 26 April 1989, to January 31, 1996, and was dubbed in several countries around the world, including Latin America and the United States. The American themes and soundtracks were composed and produced in part by Bruce Faulconer.

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